The Biggest Problem With Managed WiFi, And How You Can Fix It

Managed WiFi

What is Managed Wireless? Managed WiFi is basically an outsourced wireless networking service which enables customers, residents, or visitors to connect to your building’s Internet via a number of access points, ensuring easy property-wide connectivity. This type of connection also reduces the time and effort required for setting up and maintaining a wireless network. In this article, we will go through the different types of Managed Servers, as well as their usage in the business environment.

Cloud-Based Managed Servers:

Most businesses choose to use cloud-based services when installing their Managed Wireless networks. Using a cloud-based provider means your Managed Servers remains active even if you don’t use the Internet directly on the devices. Your Managed wifi providers can automatically detect the available wireless connections and assign them to the appropriate computers and networks. For instance, if you are at home and want to surf the Internet, your managed wifi provider would first search for the nearest access point, check if it is connected and whether there is any other network that will be used for connecting to the Internet. Once the network configuration is complete, your managed wifi provider will connect to your network.

On-demand Managed Servers: On-demand Managed Servers are great for small to medium sized businesses, as they provide several advantages. The main advantage is that it gives businesses the flexibility to choose the time and bandwidth of their connection. For instance, if you have a large clientele visiting your office frequently, you can configure your Managed wifi plan so that your computer servers are automatically assigned with a pre-determined amount of bandwidth, irrespective of the number of visitors to your office at any given time. This ensures that your Managed Servers is never idle, and your computers and networks are always ready to receive or render internet connectivity. However, since a large number of Managed WiFi providers offer the same benefits, this option may not be ideal for businesses with a finite number of computers or networks.

Always-on: The main advantage of using managed wifi providers is that they allow you to have your network constantly-on without any kind of maintenance or tweaking required. You don’t need to worry about manually joining to a wireless network every time you require internet access, as the Managed wifi will automatically detect your internet availability and connect to it automatically. In case you’re using a laptop, all you need to do is plug in the USB wireless adapter and start browsing the internet. Even if you’re travelling, you don’t need to leave your laptop on the hotel’s wi-fi hotspot as your Managed wifi will detect your connection and connect to a secure wireless network in your hotel. This ensures that your business gets uninterrupted web connectivity at all times, even while you are travelling.

Good Customer Service: Many of the Managed wifi service providers in the UK to provide exceptional customer service. They make sure that your queries are answered promptly, and offer solutions to your problems. As hospitality industry owners, you want to provide your employees with the most superior experience while working with your clients. Ensuring that your customers always get what they pay for is very important to all types of enterprise. By having a service provider that provides excellent customer service, you can ensure that your clients remain loyal to your business for a long time to come.

Ensuring Your Wireless Networks Have Timely Connections:

Another reason why Managed wifi solutions are very popular among small and medium-sized businesses is because they help you ensure that your wireless networks have good connectivity. You can also have your Managed wifi system automatically set up so that it will connect to a variety of wireless networks automatically. You can have access to various networks at different times, depending on your needs. If you want to check your email in peace, you can set up access points in one office, while another office can have access at peak hours of the day.

Ensuring Good Network Reliability: If you are looking for a managed wifi provider, you should also check their network reliability. A reliable provider should be able to provide you with high quality networks even during heavy traffic times. Your managed wifi provider should be able to guarantee you have minimal downtime. Remember that you cannot put a cost-free network into place if it cannot meet your requirements. There are some Managed wifi providers who offer free networks, but they have very little bandwidth or capacity, which may not be sufficient for your business.

  • Many businesses benefit from managed wifi providers because they are able to offer fast connectivity and reliable services.
  • These providers offer managed networks which can be accessed through various mobile devices, tablets and laptops.
  • A good managed network provider ensures that your Managed wifi users always have high-speed access and have reliable connectivity.