The Best VoIP Providers

VoIP Business Services

VoIP Business Services will help your virtual hosting clients deliver unified communications services to their virtual hosting clients. Providing virtual or dedicated servers to meet their telephony communication demands. Easy to implement with your existing infrastructure. Your clients will enjoy hassle free, secured, and compliant communications.

Efficient and scalable – For your hosted Telephony solution, you will need a provider that has expert IT team. With the correct IT Solutions and allied tools, your provider will deliver the latest and most efficient unified communications platform. Your hosted Telephony solution will be robust and scalable enough to meet your growing business needs. You will be able to easily add new VoIP enabled phones or IVR system as needed.

Redundant network and hardware – Hosted Telephony is delivered over a redundant network and integrated with advanced hardware. This is achieved through a process called Carrier Independent Peer Identification (PI PIN). A unique gateway is installed between your hosted VoIP services and your PBX network. This gives your hosted VoIP services the ability to transmit to any broadband Internet connection. This feature will eliminate the need for dedicated IP phones. All unified communications features are delivered as a digital audio signal over the Internet, so all your outgoing calls will be made directly to your IP Phones.

Integrated Digital Voice Processing

IVR integrated Digital Voice Processing allows you to maximize your call processing potential. IVR allows you to capture, record, analyze, and manage call detail information for your specific situations. This provides a superior solution for your long distance calls and multi-line sales and marketing campaigns. IVR also reduces call-handling costs as well as retaining customer relationships. These features translate into more revenue for your organization, better customer retention, and a higher ROI.

Call Quality – You get excellent call quality when your communications are delivered over a reliable VoIP service. Your IP networks will function as state of the art transformers to ensure that your call messages are converted to voice signals of the highest quality. This results in better customer experience and enhanced sales and marketing performance.

Email Groupware

For hosted business VoIP services like PBX systems and unified communications, email groupware can add significant value to the bottom line. Email groupware lets you manage multiple contact lists, address lists, and emails from one centralized location. You can use this application as part of your sales and marketing strategy, or even set it up to alert customers and other contacts about any new items you have sent out. This way, you can reach all your important business contacts without wasting time or energy sending each individual an individually tailored email.

Better Customer Retention – When people know that they can count on you, they’ll be much more likely to stick with your company. That’s because they know that you’re going to be there when they need you. With on-premise PBX systems and VoIP telephony services like hosted IP telephony, your customer won’t have to wonder about staying connected. They’ll always know that the number is open, even when it’s off-site. But with an on-demand VoIP solution, your customers can call your number, regardless of whether you’re open or not. They’ll be able to keep their phone numbers because they’re tied to a secure and convenient connection.

  • And these are just the start of the exciting capabilities that VoIP technology provides for your business.
  • But remember, just because a business needs a phone system doesn’t mean it has to spend a fortune to do it.
  • In fact, it often costs less than a good business phone plan would cost.
  • It’s important to realize that there are many great VoIP solutions out there that will meet all of your business needs.
  • Just ask your friendly tech support representative today how you can get started!