Six Steps to Promote Your Brand on Twitter

By Ayman H Thursday, April 27, 2017
Ok, you created a Twitter page for your brand. Now what? Just follow these six steps and I am sure you will make the best out of your Twitter page.

Step 1: Twitter (Re)Search

Do some basic research before sending your little bird to chirp about your brand. Use http://search.twitter.com to find people who are making conversations about your brand, competitors and industry. After that, just follow them (Dont hesitate).

Step 2: Make Relevant Conversations

Post following them, you will see their tweets on your twitter feed. Watch for those tweets where you can pitch in and make conversations. It could be answering a query, giving a praise or just saying a simple thank you; just do it whole heatedly. Do this on a regular and need-to-need basis and youd be surprised with the outcomes.

Golden Rule: Follow step 1 on a daily basis.

Step 3: Respond To Every Tweet

Got a query from prospective customer? Answer it. Received negative feedback? Respond to it. Got appreciation for your service? Say thank you from the bottom of your heart. Golden Rule: Respect their interest and treat them well, when they are in your brands social arena.

Step 4: Use Short Links

Would you like to direct your followers to your website? Use bit.ly links to quantify the impact. Also, this will help you to identify when and from where your followers are viewing your tweets.

Step 5: Use Relevant Hashtags (#)

Tweeters find stuff they want to by using hashtags. Make sure you include relevant hashtags while sending important tweets. For e.g. You are a restaurant brand located in Hyderabad and you are posting a tweet about Biryani. So, your tweet could be Its lunch time. Is #biryani on your mind? #Hyderabad #hungry #hyderabadi

Step 6: Promote

Once you gain decent amount of followers, run a contest or a campaign on your page. Make sure it should be relevant to your brand. IMP Rule: Hashtags plays a crucial role in creating a successful contests. They should be contextual and also should connect with your followers. For e.g. Your brand is in real estate category and you want to connect with your followers emotionally. So you launched a contest where you asked them to tweet about their childhood memories with their homes. Hashtags like #GoodOldDays, #LastingMemories or #MemoriesCannotBeShifted would work better than #<YourBrandNameContest> or #BrandName Last but not the least, deck up your Twitter page with attractive background picture, profile picture and with a brief description about your brand with useful links. Happy Tweeting!

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