Top Things To Remember When Designing A Logo

By Ayman H Thursday, June 9, 2016
Designing a logo is not an easy job. To begin with, logo is not just colors, fonts and fancy text put together. It represents a company’s identity. For an entity so important, the designing involves creativity, artistic inputs and wise planning. This means you cannot simply create a logo as you watch your favorite TV show. Logo designing takes months of work and there are certain things to be considered during the process.


Know what the client wants

One of the greatest secrets in designing a good logo is to clearly understand the client’s requirements. You have to understand what the client exactly wants. In some cases the client may want to match a popular logo. They might also request for a particular font or color. So before beginning the design, collect all the required information during your first meeting with your client. This will help you to come up with a well-designed logo.

Keep the design simple

Simplicity is the critical factor when it comes to logo design. By keeping the design simple, you can reach your consumers in a more effective and faster way. Just have a look at the leading companies in the market, their logos are too simple and show clarity in their designs. All popular companies around the globe opt for such designs. Simple logos deliver your message faster than the messed ones. A good expert designer will have the required skills to handle simple and effective logos.

Should have strong visual appeal

The first sight at the design should make a good impression on the audience. No matter how great the design looks and no matter how it portrays the companies goals and aims, it would be a waste if it cannot leave a mark in the visual memory of the audience. A good logo stays in the visual memory of the audience so that the next time when they come across it they will easily identify it as a symbol of a particular company. But if your design is not appealing it might be forgotten by your audience. Consider the logo of KFC. The very first sight of its logo truly makes it unique and appealing for years now.

Use appropriate colors

Color is the important element of any visual representation. Most of the times, designers tend to overlook the importance of a sensible use of colors. Colors enhance the beauty of a logo design. Choose them in such a way that it complements the message embedded in the logo rather than choosing the one that spoils the message you wanted to convey using a logo. It is also better to use colors which represent your company and at the same time impress your target customers. For instance you are running a landscape design business, think of incorporating green colors in your logo. This is because most of the times, people identify a business by looking at the colors within in their logos.

Make it unique

The main purpose of having a logo is to get your company recognized. Therefore no one would prefer to imitate other’s logo. Uniqueness is very important in designing a logo. You won’t be successful in creating your company’s identity and branding if you merely copy other’s logo. Sometimes the clients may require the logo designs to match the existing popular logos but that doesn’t mean that you should replicate other’s design.

Choose the Fonts carefully

Fonts are also important elements to be considered in logo designing. The fonts you choose should represent your company or brand and should be chosen wisely. It is always good to include not more than two different font styles as this will be easily read by all types of audience. Keep it simple and legible. Hence with such fonts your logo design will be clear and uncluttered.

It lasts forever

A good logo has to be effective forever no matter how trends changes. Lot of changes occur around you but these things come and go. Despite these change, your logo design should be the same as it remains in the minds of the people through generations. Design a logo that lasts forever and bears a strong impact to the company. The Coco-Cola company has retained the same logo since a long time.

Use of negative space

Some of the popular logo designs convey message through their negative space. Consider the Fed EX logo. Here, the negative space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’ is used to form an arrow. There are many such examples where a logo looks usual at first sight but reveals amazing details on further examination.

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