5 Most Effective Methods Of Writing An Attractive Newsletter

By Ayman H Tuesday, June 9, 2015
One of the most effective and overly used means of marketing is through the internet. Getting your brand in the inbox of millions of users is the right way of reaching to your customers. However, if one turns the tables and look at it from the customer’s point of view, one will realize that these customers are flooded with such newsletters and are least interested in even opening such emails. Hence, it is imperative for a business to ensure that the newsletter mailed to your target audience is interesting enough to grab the customer’s attention. Here are 5 most effective methods to develop such a newsletter that will add more customers to the list.


Relevant and Catchy Subject Lines

As an email account holder, everyone understands that most of the individuals will at least log in once to check their mails, since email has become one of the most preferred modes of communications. However with a bevy of companies flooding the inbox of their customers with a large number of mails, it is obvious that the customer has a lot more to go through in very minimal time frame. In such a scenario, a customer would want to first get rid of emails which are promotional and not relevant to him / her and short list the important mails to not get confused. So, the first hurdle is to ensure that the newsletter is not deleted by the customer.
‘First impression is the last impression’ as it is truly said; in the newsletter sent to the customers, the subject line plays a vital role and makes a lot of difference to make or mar the first impression. Hence, it is imperative that you work on the subject line and come up with and innovative and out of the box idea that compels the customer to read further. A customer is not interested in knowing any information about your company so a subject line like ‘Our company newsletter for May’ is highly likely to go in trash. You can use more innovative thoughts that the customer feel is more relevant to him/her or she/he would benefit if it is read.

Make use of HTML with the support of text backup

With the progressions in technology, it is very important for a firm to adapt to the same to ensure that it keeps a pace with the competition. Hence, it is important that you send newsletters in HTML version, but also make a point to have a text newsletter of the same as a back-up for those people who are unable to read the HTML version.

Track the regularity and length of the newsletter

The ratio of the frequency and the length of the newsletter should be well managed. In case the firm is sending the newsletters too often, then the length of the same should be short and keep it simple. The customers would not like to receive a long mail every other day.

Make it appealing to the eyes

Too much of information will not do any good to solve the purpose of sending a newsletter. It is very important that the newsletter is visually appealing to the customers and attracts one to go through it.

Formal or informal

The tone of the newsletter depends on the nature of work that the company does. In case the intention is to sell off some funky clothes to the younger generation, then certainly the tone can be informal and personal and vice versa.

Hence, by following few simple steps one can come up with an attractive newsletter that will generate the desired results for the firm.

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