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18 Jul 2012

How To Block Someone from Viewing Your Blog?

block someone from viewing blog

Blogger and WordPress leading the blogging platform tremendously. Even though the platforms may be different, the main purpose of every bloggers is to grab more number of readers for their blog and promote their blog among various peoples of world. Nobody wants to block an user from viewing their blog but, some time comes when you really want to block an specific annoying person from viewing your blog. Here comes the topic. Suppose you are a WordPress user, there may be some plugins out there to block someone from viewing your blog. But what if you are a blogger user?!!. Here comes the solution for blogger users.

Block Someone from Viewing Your Blog

Creating an Toolator account

1. Go To Toolator.

2. Create an account in Toolator.Fill your username, Email, Blog Url, etc and sign up. 

3. A verification mail will be sent to your Email, Verify it by following the link enclosed in the mail.

4. A password will be sent soon after verifying. Login to your Toolator account using your username and password.

5. Navigate to block an ip option at the left and you will notice something like this.

block an ip address

  • Enter the complete and exact ip address ( of the user you wish to block.
  • Enter the redirect Url to redirect the user to some different Url.
  • Enter your desired reason that should be shown to the blocked person.

Free account allows you to block only 3 ip addresses, where as you can block more number of Ip addresses by becoming a premium member. You can even block 3 - 3 Ip addresses by creating new account for every 3 ip addresses.

6. Once after you filled the form, click on Block an Ip button and repeat the same process to block 2 more Ip addresses.

7. After specifying the 3 Ip addresses to block, Go to website code option at the left panel and you will notice a window like this.

block an ip address

8. Copy the script shown inside it.

Implementing script on Blogger

9. Go to blogger dashboard --> Template --> Edit Html.

10. Find(Ctrl+F) for </head> and paste the copied code just above it.

Finally Save your Template. That's It. .!!


Hope this tutorial helped in keeping the annoying visitors to stay out of your blog. Kindly share your views and opinions regarding this in the comment section below.


techgod8 on 20 July 2012 12:29 said...

amazing Oneeeeeeeeeee .Brother


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Vijay Prakash on 20 July 2012 16:11 said...

Thanks buddy:).. Keep reading my blog for more new stuffs

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