What is Paypal??

By Ayman H Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Paypal can said to be an online bank for making online money transactions safe and secure. Paypal is the widely used online bank all over the globe today. They ensures the highest security among any other online banking systems and have became one of the most necessary resource for all the business leads to make secure transactions online. Using the Paypal account is so simple that you dont need to go to any of its branch office and register your account there waiting in a long queue. Paypal provides you with a simple and free registration online by going into www.paypal.com and all you need to start using an Paypal account is a bank account(mandatory), a credit card, PAN card in some regions. You can even use Paypal as an merchant service for very low commission for selling products on your site or blog. They ensure the highest security for any transactions you make with online people.


Paypal Service

Using Paypal is so easy that you can send or receive money online via Paypal account and your online money can be easily transferred to your bank account once after your bank account is verified. They also provide you to shop online via your account balance but you must be a credit card verified user to do so. They have became the most favorable merchant service for most of the business mens and webmasters. They even charge you a very less commission as 2.9% to 3.9% for receiving money into your Paypal account and they even provide you the service of exchanging the currencies for a very less commission basis before transferring money to your local bank account so that you can easily get any type of currency converted to your country currency with regards to the present day currency rates. You can see the Fees structure they charge for making transactions HERE. Paypal transfers your account balance to your bank account for free of charge in India where as you can get to know the commission basis for receiving money to bank accounts of other countries HERE.

Paypal even provides you lot of many other services like subscribe, donate, etc. You can even get a demo about the donate button at the bottom of this blog. Subscribe option allows users to subscribe some fixed money for your site or any other business matters and Paypal fetches the subscribed money from their account monthly/yearly as they have described during subscription and transfers it to your account till the last date he have set, thus making the ease of transaction without asking a person to transfer money every month. Paypal even provides you with a way through which users can use their credit cards, debit cards, all types of cards and even online banking account to purchase a product on your site or pay for any other money related aspects and the transaction details will be always sent to your email Id which you have used during the registration.
Paypal supports all the 24 types of currencies worldwide. By providing lots of secure features to users, they have successfully gathered 230 million user accounts worldwide. To say in single sentence, Paypal is the ultimate portal for each and every web users for making any kind of money transactions online legally. However Paypal holds the right to take action on any person worldwide for any illegal activities performed.

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