How To Get Genuine Google Adsense Approval

By Ayman H Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Google adsense is the top and favorite ads publishing network to all bloggers and advertisers today, but however getting accepted into the Google adsense program is the most difficult task to bloggers even though it is most favorable to them :). This have even became a big challenge to all the newbies to make some decent revenue from their blog. But the thing is every newbies just rush to apply for Google adsense in the mind of earning revenue and they never bother about adsense policies to get accepted into the program. Huge number of newbie bloggers just quit blogging thinking that it is just impossible to get accepted by Google adsense team and these bloggers are nothing but the newbies who stepped into blogging platform just to earn money with Google adsense. The only result they got is Failure.


Several shortcut workers arised on blogosphere to tackle these newbies by stating that they can get approved Google adsense account for money!!. Many bloggers have even tried those shortcuts and their happiness gone away once after the adsense team noticed their fake account. Are you one of the blogger who rushed to blog for money??, Are you one of the blogger who got your purchased Google adsense account banned??, Are you one of the serious blogger who struggling hard honestly to get accepted into adsense program??. Dont worry, this post is dedicated to all three of you. Understanding this post can definitely get you accepted into the program but the strategy you should adopt is, for whatever purpose you may be blogging, never blog for money and blogging can never get you good results until you pass the ingredients like dedication, concentration on niche, regular blogging, etc to your blog. So let us study the exact criterias to be fulfilled in order to get into the Google adsense program.

Google Adsense approval case study

#1. Duplicate Content:

Copying the content from others can never get you good results, it just ruins your blog forever. Always write your own posts by studying various references or writing your own experience. Copying the content from others can even get you into trouble under copyright act. copyscape.com is the best site to check for duplicate copies.

#2. 6 Months Policy:

There are lot of opinions about this policy on all over the web but what i experienced myself is, your blog must be at-least 6 months old before getting considered by adsense team and this policy is more applicable to the peoples in India and China.

#3. Custom Domain:

Having a custom domain(www.domain.com) really helps you in getting your blog popular among peoples as well as fulfilling the basic requirements in almost all the money earning programs like adsense. But however Google adsense accepts the blogspot domain too but the process is more difficult than getting your custom domain approved. Always try to purchase domain for more years to ensure you are a serious blogger.

#4. Copyright Images:

Are you just googling for images and using them on your blog??. Never do it and just this simple factor can make you struggle in getting into the adsense program. Always use your own images by creating images by your own or pics taken by your digi cam. You will get to know about the copyright concept in my upcoming post on Understanding creative commons license.

#5. Privacy Policy:

Google adsense policy states that every blogs must have a privacy policy page. This is not a factor to be neglected. Just take 2 mins to create a privacy policy page for your blog which satisfies the Google adsense team.

#6. Clear Navigation And Decent Content:

Your site/blog navigation must be very clear and easy. There should not be any hidden tricks or login pages which collects users information. Your blog should not contain any pornography content and should have a decent number of quality posts. Your blog must not be a book full of links.

#7. Avoid Sub domains:

Dont use sub domains(Ex:: http://www.template.domain.com) for your blog till you get accepted into the adsense program. This is also a factor considered by adsense team.

#8. Blogging About Hacks, Money::

Never blog about hacking, malware, earn online money, etc. . These are all niches that adsense team never support.

#9. Blog Full Of Ads:

Your blog must not be a basket full of ads everywhere. What i prefer is, you better remove all the ads from your blog before applying for adsense program and once after you get in, you can use some other ad programs like adbrite, infolinks.

#10. Source Of Traffic:

Your blog must get organic traffic like traffic from search engines, backlinks and various other legal resources. But your blog must not depend on traffic from surfing websites, link placement in software downloads, traffic from illegal ways, etc.

#11. Personal Information:

Finally provide your original information in the adsense application during submission.
If you are sure that you satisfy all these policies, then no one can avoid you from getting into their program. Make sure you satisfy all these policies before applying for adsense first time and if you just keep on applying  , there are better chances that your application will get neglected by them.
Following these policies not only gets you accepted into adsense program but it also helps you in getting a good pagerank for your blog. Adopt these policies to be a successful blogger while generating a decent income every month.

Finally i know that you are wondering about why this blog still not having adsense??. Answer to your question is very simple that even though i satisfy all the policies of adsense, being an Indian my blog is still not 6 months old and this is the reason why i am still not applying for adsense and waiting for the time to roll.

Good Luck Pals. . :)

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