How To Blog like a Genius?

By Ayman H Sunday, June 3, 2012
There are dozens of  How Tos in beginners mind. How to blog?? takes the highest priority out of them. Understanding the blogging basics and quality guidance assures you to be a successful blogger in future, well becoming a successful blogger is not a matter of a day or a week. Before starting your blogging journey, its highly necessary to plan a strategy and protocols of your own to avoid being disappointed in the middle of the journey. So what a successful blogging journey really lacks?? and how to start your tactical blogging journey to be a successful  blogger, kicking the word failure out of your way??!.


Blogging is a not a simple one nor a hard one if you apply proper dedication and concentration. Enough thoughts now and let us move with the blogging basics on how to blog. As my blog is related to blogger, i will concentrate more on blogger aspects in this post.

How To Blog??

Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

This is one of the most important and the first step you must choose, giving a glance to your blog needs and requirements. There are several free and premium blogging platforms out there and The top most rivals of blogging platform are Blogger and WordPress. Well Blogger is a free one in every aspects excluding the domain name and WordPress is a premium one in every aspects. There are bulk of posts out there on Google distinguishing the Blogger and WordPress platforms. There are even more options out there like Joomla, typepad, Drupal, etc. but i recommended you to choose the best one from Blogger and WordPress to make your blogging journey simple and strong. If you cant afford money, then its very clearly that Blogger is your path for starting your journey and if you are capable of paying money, then move on with WordPress. At present WordPress is taking the lead in SEO(search engine optimization) when compared to blogger blogs and even blogger is trying to kick-start their SEO services by introducing new SEO features.
One more thing to be noticed here is, blogger works with HTML which is easy to understand where as the WordPress works with php script which may be difficult for newbies. Dont get in dilemma, choose the best one that suits your money aspects and create your new blog using the simple step by step procedure explained in blogger or WordPress. 

Choosing The Blog Niche(topic)

  • On what niche are you going to blog about??. 
  • Do you have very good knowledge about your choosed niche??. 
  • Does your blog niche is popular among global peoples??. 
  • Do you think that your blog niche can create a library such that it becomes very informative to global peoples??. 
If your blog niche satisfies all the above aspects, then i can surely say that you have choosed the best niche for your blog and you are going to create a very informative and useful blog for all the peoples of world which ensures the traffic crowd to your blog. thus your blog niche is going to take the second most important part in making you a successful blogger.

Purchasing A Niche Friendly Domain

This part takes the top most and major role in making your blog popular among web peoples. There are several domain services out there to purchase a domain for your blog and you can easily customize the purchased domain with any of the blogging platforms or you can even buy a domain inside blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress.
Your domain name relationship with your blog niche should be like a eagle eye on a snake. Try to choose a domain very relevant to your blog niche and your domain name must represent your blog niche clearly. Your revenue capabilities doesnt matter here and you should compulsorily buy a domain name for your blog to stand unique on digital world to get a name and fame like an actor in the real world. You are even availed with free sub domain option in any blogging platform.
Purchasing an existing domain from a third party is also a good thing if the domain have a good page rank and more age. Your domain name also becomes a necessary factor in generating some decent revenue from various sources. Buying an old domain also saves you from struggling with Google sandbox concept.

Choosing A Hosting Package

Choosing a hosting service for your blog helps you in various aspects like page loading time, storage service, log and database maintenance, etc. You can purchase hosting from any of the best hosting servers out there on web like Bigrock, Hostgator, etc and use the hosting service with blogger or WordPress platform. You can contact the support at your hosting server website to know how to use their hosting with various blogging platforms. This is not a mandatory factor, so you can even move on using the free hosting service with blogger where as WordPress charges for everything including the setup of your custom domain with WordPress blog.

Choosing Best Template And Keeping Easy Navigation

Tons of free and premium beautiful templates are on web to choose from. Choose the best template for your blog which looks simple and professional. You can however easily upload the template in Blogger or WordPress. Keep your blog clean and easily navigatable. Never mess up. Keep an eye on your blog load time and avoid using more number of third party scripts, bulk codes on your blog.

Regular Posting And Post Frequency

Once after you start posting quality articles on your blog, keep posting regularly or post atleast 4-5 articles a week but never give more gaps. Always write unique and quality content. Never copy the content from others. search for keywords related to your blog niche and have a look over what the global peoples are most interested in. Write articles about the most interested keywords and also the less competitive keywords to stand high in Google search and various search engine results. Use some best keyword research tool like Google Adwords Keyword Research tool to view the competitive and most searched keywords on Google.
Your post title also plays an very effective role on attracting peoples to click on your blog link in Google results and takes the major part in getting displayed for a particular search in Google or any other search engines.
Use some best analytics tool to view the Geo location of your blog traffic and maintain a post frequency such that they could read fresh tutorials/articles on your blog soon after they wake up on morning. Blogger have the inbuilt stats feature to show the traffic analysis and there are plenty of plugins out there for WordPress which shows the visitor stats in various forms. You can even use Google Analytics for it.

Proper Dedication And Concentration

Blogging must be a hobby and not a pressure or dream of becoming millionaire overnight. Without proper dedication, concentration, patience, nothing can be achieved in blogging. Dreaming about making some revenue from blogging is not a bad thing but blogging for money is a bad thing which takes away success from you. Blogging requires lot of peace and patience to be adopted. Once after you seriously get into blogging journey, you will be automatically improved in these ingredients and you can surely think about making some decent income too via blogging.

Apply Basic SEO

Search engine optimization is an core concept which is lying under tons of articles, books and web pages out there. In newbie words, search engine optimization is nothing but making your blog to appear at the front page of Google search results for more number of keywords related to your blog niche. Your new blog may be already appearing on the front page of Google search results for a particular keyword. If so, dont dream like a genius and understand that your newbie blog is in Google honeymoon period. So let us move with the basic SEO factors you should worry about.


As i had already mentioned above that WordPress takes the lead in SEO, their are plenty of SEO plugins  in premium WordPress account which does the storm job just by installing and activating them on your blog.


In WordPress everything works with one click installation and activation plugins, everything is automated there and the only thing you should worry about is posting quality and informative articles. So i have concentrated more on blogger platform in this post. Hope you are well aware of various blogging aspects now. Good Luck for your new blogging journey. . :)

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