6 Factors Represents your new Blogs Reputation

By Ayman H Wednesday, June 6, 2012
I always say that understanding the mistakes and correcting them leads us to success. This is one of the biggest strategy every newbie bloggers should adopt to achieve success in their blogging journey. But however you all know that several  factors makes a rival against newbie bloggers and maximum newbies just quit the blogging platform considering themselves as losers. Bloggers are born to survive and not to give up. Blogging is a matter of patience, hardwork, concentration, dedication, but however you bloggers may still be not aware of some important ingredients other than these strategies you should be good at. Yes, once after you start to be a serious blogger, there comes the battle against 6 major factors and these factors came to existence only with the mentality of blog visitors today. Are you aware of these factors???


People have often become more smart these days and apart from searching a particular information they require, they are just looking at the social stats, subscribers, alexa rank and three more factors before reading your blog posts and these factors have became a trademark of worth site/blog according to blog visitors today. Peoples patience of reading your blog posts is residing inside these factors. This post may be a little friendly but if you are  a newbie blogger then you must read this post to attract visitors to your new blog.

6 Factors Represents Your new Blogs Reputation

#1. Facebook Likes 

Facebook have became a part of everyones life today. Almost everyone is aware of facebook and its Like feature. This is the major factor which represents your blog stats and this is how your blog gets a status like celebrity being a hero of huge number of fans. At the beginning it is highly difficult for newbie bloggers to get Facebook likes as the people have attitude of liking the only blogs which already have thousands of fans. So you must consider some better tactics on getting more number of likes for your blog and the below post will help you in it a lot.

#2. Twitter Followers 

Twitter have a very large base of audience like Facebook and twitter followers is one of the element considered by your blog visitors today. More number of twitter followers represents more value to your blog posts. The above given post helps you in getting twitter followers too in addition with Facebook likes.

#3. Blog Comments 

This is one of the major factor the newbie bloggers suffer from. New blog = no audience = no social stats = no comments. Nobody will comment on your blog till your blog gets more number of social stats, active users on your blog, etc. . Comment on other popular blogs with same niche as yours where peoples rush to comment and dont forget to write a precious comment with your blog link and that gains you regular commentors for your new blog.

#4. Subscribers 

Getting subscribers to your newbie blog is not at all a simple task but you can however use some tactics. Once after you get decent number of subscribers for your blog, you can show off it on your blog proudly.

#5. Alexa rank 

Alexa rank is the biggest factor considered by almost all the blog visitors today. Alexa have occupied a precious standings in ranking a blog and your alexa rank is the factor which represents that your blog have a good number of blog visitors from all over the world. You can get to know its importance and tips on increasing it by reading the below post.

#6. Google Circles

Google plus is the slow tortoise which won the race so fast by occupying millions of users. The number of peoples circles you are in, is one of the factor considered by blog visitors today. This is not a simple task and the stats of this can only be increased if your blog content is worth for visitors. However you can still find some sites for exchanging Circles and you can just Google it for more info.
Even-though people wont tend to look over all these stats of your blog, they will at least have a glance over few stats in these which you show off proudly on your blog. If you have missed any of the above factors, dont fear to start using it being a new one as there are many ways which provides you shortcuts in getting maximum stats in less time.
These factors are very tricky. At beginning of your new blog, people consider these factors before showing some patience on reading your blog posts but once your blog starts getting more number of fans, comments, you will not need to follow any tactics as you have followed at the beginning and your blog social stats, traffic and commentors gradually starts increasing itself. Thus a rapid down of bounce rate of your blog.
These are the factors which i experienced myself being a admin of new blog and i dont know whether you also face the same issue. So i wrote this post to awake newbie bloggers like you to consider these factors too for giving a good startup to your new blog.

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