5 Effective ways to Increase your Blog Loading Speed

By Ayman H Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Increasing the loading time of  blog is one of the necessary step that every bloggers should take in order to gain more traffic to their blog. Blog load time plays an effective role on the patience of visitors whose patience is very valuable to us and suppose if your blog takes a lot of time to load completely, then the blog visitor will loss his patience and he just thinks of exiting from your blog, this makes your blog content no worth. So visitors patience is very important in bringing a worth for your blog contents. So in order to make your blog visitors feel convenient with your blog loading speed, it is necessary for you to follow some basic tips on increasing your blog loading speed. So i am writing this post for helping you on the same.


Major Disadvantages:-
  • Visitors feel discouraged and never think of visiting your blog again.
  • Google loves to serve blogs with fastest loading time and penalizes the blogs with slower loading speed.
  • The IE just gets crashed when a page takes a long time to load.
  • This is one of the cause for major loss of valuable visitors to your blog as people tends to leave your blog as soon as possible.
  • Peoples wont feel like sharing your blog content on social networks.

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5 Effective ways to Increase your Blog loading Speed

1. Compress Images

Sometimes my blog takes a bit more time to load because of some images on my blog which are of  large size. In order to keep same image of large size on my blog, i use to compress those large size images before uploading it to blogger and this makes my blog to load faster as before with the same images included. This illustrates that, it is necessary to compress your images before uploading to blogger and you can use the Smush It  tool from Yahoo to compress your image size.

2. Compress Css

Compressing your blogs Css leads to lot of improvements in your blog loading time and as-usual this will decrease your blog size and ultimately increase your blog loading speed. Css Drive helps you in doing your css compression efficiently.

3. Compress JavaScript

In most of the web pages, i have noticed that some java-scripts takes a long time to load and i felt JavaScript compression is necessary for these bloggers and here is the best tool to compress your JavaScript files.

4. Compress HTML

As the whole blog consists of chock full of Html codings, compressing your blog Html will surely brings a big  rapid change in your blog loading speed. So use this Html Compressing Tool to compress your blog html.

5. Choose Widgets Wisely

This is the last step you should take for efficiently increasing your blog loading speed. Many widgets on the blogosphere today takes a long time to load and these widgets just holds your blog from loading and leads the blog visitor to get discouraged, So it is highly important to choose your blog widgets wisely and never implement lot of widgets on a single blog.
I Hope These Will Bring A Rapid Change in Your Blog. .
Thats It Pals

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