How To Setup Google Feedburner for Blogger

By Ayman H Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Google Feedburner is one of the top most and popular feeds burner service available on web. As the name itself represents, Feedburner makes it easy for users to subscribe to any blog/site feeds and receive instant blog feeds directly into their inbox without making the user to daily visit and check for updates of that particular blog/site or it also provide users to read a blog feed using many feed reader services like google reader,etc. . So let us burn a feed for your blogger blog and allow users to subscribe with their email to get your blog updates directly into their inbox or read your blog feed using any feed readers service.This tutorial doesnt require any coding knowledge at all.

How To Setup Google Feedburner for your Blog

1. Go to Google Feedburner and login with your blogger(google) account credentials.
2. Click on My Feeds on top right of your feedburner account.
3. Insert your blog url in the box given and select Next.
  • Note:: This is default option every bloggers use, if you wish to have a podcaster feeds(rich media), please feel free to ask in comment section and i will write a post on it too. .
4. Choose Atom/Rss as you wish and click on Next.
google feedburner
5. Now enter a Feed title and click on Next.
burn a feed with google feedburner
6. Now your Feedburner feed is activated and note your Feed address and click on Next.
7. A new window appears and once again click on Next.

Publicize your Feed

8. Your feed is ready now and its time to publicize your feed to enable few services which are necessary, so click on publicize at the top of page,
  • Select Email Subscriptions(Allows users to subscribe with their email) and select Activate.
  • Choose Pingshot(Notify services when you publish a new post) and select Activate.
  • Choose Creative Commons(A free license provider) and choose a license version and tick the Use Some Rights Reserved and select Activate.
Now you are all set with feedburner and no need to worry of anything else regarding feedburner customization.

Pointing your Blog Feed to Feedburner address

9. Go to your blogger dashboard > settings > Site feed(old interface) / Other(New Blogger interface).
10. Enter your feedburner address in the post feed redirect url box and save your settings.
Blogger settings
Now you are done with setting feedburner for your blog without any errors and you can notice your blog feed @ YOURBLOGURL/feeds/posts/default
Now Add Subscribe Button For Your Blogger Blog to allow visitors to subscribe to your blog feeds.

Thats It. . . . . . !!!!!!!!!

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