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By Ayman H Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Paypal is one of the trusted company from many years for doing online money transactions. If you want to receive some online money or sell your items online, kindly register with Paypal for doing your online transactions which is more secure and safe. But in this post i am posting about adding Donate button of paypal to your blogger blog. To do so, you must first register your account with paypal and verify your email address and then verify one of your bank account or debit/credit cards so that The online funds received will be directly deposited to your bank account and the online purchases done will be deducted from your paypal account balance.Paypal is one of the major resource that every webmasters should have for their secure online transactions.

Add Paypal Donate Button to your Blogger Blog

1. Register an account with Paypal with your exact details.

2. Verify your Email address by clicking on confirmation link sent to your Email Id.

3. Attach your Debit/credit card or you can also attach your Bank account with paypal.
  • Paypal will do a two small deposits to your bank account, check your bank transactions and enter the two amounts that paypal have deposited to your bank account and this confirms your bank account and gives you complete access for online transactions like sending and receiving money.
4. Now Copy The Below Code.
<!– begin paypal donations by–> <div align=center><form method=post action=> <div class=paypal-donations><input type=hidden value=_donations name=cmd/> <input type=hidden value=YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL name=business/> <input type=hidden value=YOUR BLOG URL name=return/> <input type=hidden value=You found the information helpful and want to say thanks? Your donation is enough to inspire us to do more. Thanks a bunch! name=item_name/> <input type=hidden value=USD name=currency_code/><input type=image alt=PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online. name=submit src=> <img width=1 height=1 src= alt=/></div></form> </div><!– end paypal donations –>
5. Replace YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL with the Email Addres of your Paypal account(Email Address which you used to register with Paypal) and Replace YOUR BLOG URL with the URL of your Blogger Blog.
6. Paste the Altered Code where you want your paypal donate button to appear.
  • NOTE:- Adding donate button on your sidebar(Using html/javascript widget) or At the footer of your blog post is recommended.

That’s It. . . !!!!!

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