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9 Sep 2012

How To write a Crispy and Eye catchy Blog post title?

blog post title
I have completed many series posts here and its been a long time I posted about blogging tips or ethics, so today I am going to teach you on how to write a crispy and eye catchy blog post title. As you know, blog post titles are the first thing that gets noticed on your blog and blog post title is the king of your blog posts that even plays a powerful role in attracting organic traffic when a web surfer searches for a keyword in Google or any other search engine. So you must be more wise and smart while writing a blog post title. Spending some time to write a powerful blog post title is always worth spending. So let us learn few important key notes today on writing a powerful eye catchy blog post titles.

7 Sep 2012

How To Customize Blogger Blockquote and Use it

blogger blockquote

Many of My blog readers asked Me which syntax highlighter am I using?, how I'm highlighting the Html codes on my blog?, etc. So I thought of presenting a detailed post on it today. The highlighter which highlighting the html codes on my blog is nothing but the inbuilt Blogger blockquote. I hope most of you might know about the blockquote feature in blogger but however most of you might be struggling while the html codes inside blockquote might spreading out of the blockquote!!. So this tutorial is gonna help both the newbies to blogger blockquote and the one who is struggling to get his blockquoted codes stay inside the blockquote.

3 Sep 2012

Advanced Facebook Like box for Blogger blogs

facebook like box

I've so far shared lot of Facebook widgets for bloggers. I recently designed a new look for Facebook like box and you can view the live demo of it in below each blog posts. I have added a shadow effect and hover effect for this Facebook like box to make it look more attractive. Your Facebook fans going to be a necessary factor to promote your blog effectively. As per My view, this Facebook like box best suits under each blog posts so I'm going to give you the simple tutorial on placing this advanced Facebook Like box below your blogger blog posts.

2 Sep 2012

How To Disable Right click on Blogger/Blogspot blogs

disable right click
Today I'm going to finish the copyright infringement series with this last post which is clearly about disabling the right click on your blogger blog. Disabling right click in manner avoiding users from copying your blog images, etc., This is going to be a very simple tutorial in this series. Hope you guys following this series and fighting flawlessly with the content thieves. Today I too have planned a plagiarism fight day as I'm noticing many blogs which have copied my blog content, I'm gonna take them down today but before starting the rival I thought of finishing this series.

31 Aug 2012

Sleek Social Media Sharing buttons with Css3 Tool tips

social media sharer

There is no word limit if I start saying about the importance of social media promotion these days. Social media traffic is no less important than the organic traffic / search engine traffic. Social networks are the main source of traffic for my blog which brings about 40% of my blog traffic. To make your blog go viral, You need to give some importance to social media and find some best widgets to make your blog visitors feel convenient and easy sharing your blog posts on social networks. So today I have come up with one of the beautiful, sleek and most used social sharing widget with tool tip effect on mouse hover for blogger blogs.

30 Aug 2012

Unique Google +1 button for each blog posts of Blogger

google plus one button

Your blog promotion on social media especially Google plus one have became one of the powerful factor to survive from the latest Google algorithm updates. Your social media exposure on Google Plus is going to play an effective role in upcoming days according to these algorithms. You might know why Google plus is given highest priority as it is one of the proud service of Google. So we need to get more +1s for our blogs to stand strong and survive any algorithm updates. To do so, shouldn't you use some unique style Google +1 button for your blog to gain more attention of visitors towards it. So I thought of creating a new and unique style of Google +1 button for blogger blogs and I have come with the tutorial on it.

28 Aug 2012

"Stay on Page or Leave Page" Popup script - v2

stay on page or leave page

In my previous post I have shared "stay on page or leave this page" popup script which really helps you in reducing the bounce rate of your blog. Even I noticed its impact on my bounce rate. Today We will go little advanced and I'll be sharing version 2 of "stay on page or leave this page" popup script which opens a popup box once after choosed to stay on the page. This type of script is usually observed on few marketing sites to provide an offer to visitors who try to jump out of their site. Hope you got it and You can even view the demo of it.
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