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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

By Ayman H → Saturday, May 20, 2017
Setting up an E-commerce store will not guarantee you success in today’s competitive E-commerce market. If you are thinking that you can increase your sales and maximize your profits without optimizing your E-commerce store and engaging with customers, then you are wrong. That is where Ecommerce development comes into play. In this article, you will learn about effective ways that can increase your sales.

1. Cross Selling and Up Selling

One way to boost your sales is to cross sell or up sell. For those of you who are unaware of what cross selling and up selling is all about, Cross selling is the process of selling related items and accessories along with the product while up-selling comes into play when a customer wants to purchase the latest version of the same product to upgrade the product. E-commerce businesses have to be proactive and rigorously use cross-selling and up-selling techniques along with special discounts to boost their overall sales.

2. Focus on Benefits, Not Features

One of the biggest mistakes many E-commerce stores make is that they focus more on products and their features. Most of the users don’t understand the technical specification and features of the product that well but if you tell them the benefit of the product, they can quickly relate to it. If you want to sell more, highlight the benefits of the products instead of laying lot of emphasis on the features.

3. Paid Traffic and Social Media

With immense popularity of social media sites, it is almost imperative that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Reddit are the best way to increase your E-commerce sales. Invest in social media advertising and you will reap the benefits but make sure that you identify which social media platform your target audience is using before investing. For those who are looking for quick increase in sales, paid traffic is a great choice. Do not be fooled by stories telling you that bringing paid traffic to your E-Commerce could cost you a huge sum of money. If you execute your paid advertising campaign effective, it will cost you much less and will deliver exceptional results.

4. Email and Affiliate Marketing

If you think email, marketing is no obsolete and not relevant any more, then think again about ecommerce marketing strategies. According to the statistics, 64% companies consider email marketing as the most effective marketing channel. 57% of marketers will increase their email marketing budget because emails deliver higher return on investments and have an open rate of 22%. All these statistics suggest that email marketing is alive and flourishing. Create an email list and send them promotional offers on special occasions as well as inform your fan base Affiliate marketing is another way to sell your products quickly. Do your research, find the right affiliates, lure them with incentives and pay them well. In return, they will promote your products and increase your E-commerce sales.

5. Simplify Your Checkout Process

We all have been through lengthy and complicated check out processes on E-commerce site but have you ever returned to the same store? I can bet your answer is no. Even though, these lengthy checkout processes are to ensure that you get the right product but it can put off many users and lead to decline in sales. Make the checkout process as simple as possible for the user. Some brands and E-commerce store offer buyers the facility to purchase a product without creating an account with Guest Checkout feature. Handy features like these can go a long way in making your checkout process simple and ensure that user will return to purchase new products.

Irfan Ak is an Brand Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert by profession & blogger by passion, he is currently associated with many different brands with his digital expertise.

Six Steps to Promote Your Brand on Twitter

By Ayman H → Thursday, April 27, 2017
Ok, you created a Twitter page for your brand. Now what? Just follow these six steps and I am sure you will make the best out of your Twitter page.

Step 1: Twitter (Re)Search

Do some basic research before sending your little bird to chirp about your brand. Use to find people who are making conversations about your brand, competitors and industry. After that, just follow them (Dont hesitate).

Step 2: Make Relevant Conversations

Post following them, you will see their tweets on your twitter feed. Watch for those tweets where you can pitch in and make conversations. It could be answering a query, giving a praise or just saying a simple thank you; just do it whole heatedly. Do this on a regular and need-to-need basis and youd be surprised with the outcomes.

Golden Rule: Follow step 1 on a daily basis.

Step 3: Respond To Every Tweet

Got a query from prospective customer? Answer it. Received negative feedback? Respond to it. Got appreciation for your service? Say thank you from the bottom of your heart. Golden Rule: Respect their interest and treat them well, when they are in your brands social arena.

Step 4: Use Short Links

Would you like to direct your followers to your website? Use links to quantify the impact. Also, this will help you to identify when and from where your followers are viewing your tweets.

Step 5: Use Relevant Hashtags (#)

Tweeters find stuff they want to by using hashtags. Make sure you include relevant hashtags while sending important tweets. For e.g. You are a restaurant brand located in Hyderabad and you are posting a tweet about Biryani. So, your tweet could be Its lunch time. Is #biryani on your mind? #Hyderabad #hungry #hyderabadi

Step 6: Promote

Once you gain decent amount of followers, run a contest or a campaign on your page. Make sure it should be relevant to your brand. IMP Rule: Hashtags plays a crucial role in creating a successful contests. They should be contextual and also should connect with your followers. For e.g. Your brand is in real estate category and you want to connect with your followers emotionally. So you launched a contest where you asked them to tweet about their childhood memories with their homes. Hashtags like #GoodOldDays, #LastingMemories or #MemoriesCannotBeShifted would work better than #<YourBrandNameContest> or #BrandName Last but not the least, deck up your Twitter page with attractive background picture, profile picture and with a brief description about your brand with useful links. Happy Tweeting!

5 Essential Facebook Page Makeover Tips For Startups

By Ayman H →
Facebook marketing really helps a startup to spread the word about product/service information, team, inside activities, milestones etc. to its stakeholders. When someone visits your Facebook page through an organic and paid medium, your page should showcase just one important thing What is your brand all about. Below are the few tips that will assist you makeover your startup Facebook page.

Tip #1: Book a username

Direct your customers and prospects by setting up a username for your Facebook page. All you have to do is, go to, choose your company page from the drop down menu, type username (most probably your company name) that you would like to have for the page (without any spaces) and confirm it. Done! This will make your page look professional. Remember, after booking the username, you can change it only once.

Tip #2: Upload a relevant cover photo

Your Facebook page timeline cover photo is where your startup branding begins. Here are my suggestions for Startup cover photos: Upload a lively photo of your team members (tells your companys work culture) Showcase your product/service in an innovative way (Adhere to 20% text rule) Your success stories like awards, recognitions etc A inside picture of your office (if you want to showcase your company is a fun place to work) Important: Do not upload low quality pictures. If you cant design one, hire a designer and get a good job done. If you cant hire a designer, check out your LinkedIn connections for a friend who is a designer and ask them for help. Dont hesitate. P.S. Cover photo size is 851px X 315px

Tip #3: Update milestones

Milestones are the key moments that you want to share with your company stakeholders. By adding them properly with pictures, you can tell a beautiful story about your startup journey.

Tip #4: Update public information

This is one section where majority of the startups dont use to its full potential. Just go to Edit Page tab on your admin panel and click on Update Public Info. My suggestion is put as much information (relevant) as you can on this section. Update about your startup vision, mission, products, services, your company timings, address, information about other social networking sites like your Twitter page, LinkedIn page, Google+ Page etc.

Tip #5 Profile Picture

When you post something on your page, it will appear on your fans news feed and the first thing they look at is your profile picture icon and your startup name. And when they come to your page, the first thing they will interact visually is with your cover photo and profile picture. So having a relevant and clear profile picture is a must. Did you know that over 90% of the brands and businesses use logo or favicon as their Facebook page profile picture. So, go ahead and make one. P.S. Profile Picture size is 180px X 180 px. Conclusion In the end, a startup Facebook page is about three things: branding, visual appeal and interesting content. Spend considerable amount of time to get these three things in place. Never ever comprise on design aspect and branding because good design and relevant information about your brand will make your product/service more attractive to its stakeholders. If you would like to add your thoughts, please let me know in the comments box below.

How To Host Html or JavaScript Files for Blogger Blog

By Ayman H → Monday, April 17, 2017
Many of Bloggers asked me that How to host .js or .css Files for blogger blogs?. But you all know that Blogger doesnt providing any hosting services to host your javascript or css files(js and .css files). So i decided to get a solution for this upon requests and now i am posting the perfect solution for it in this post. However you can paste your java-script directly into your template HTML without hosting into a server. But it increases the size of your HTML which is not recommended. So  i Prefer you to host your javascript or css files somewhere outside Blogger and call it in your html part using a single URL of your hosted File.This can be a easy job using GOOGLE CODE and TORTOISE Svn client.

Tutorial on How To Host Files for Blogger Blogs

1. Sign in to your Google code account by clicking here and create a new project by using project hosting service inside it or you can directly create a project by going here
 This involves:-
  • Enter your File name as project name so that it will be convenient for you.
  • Fill project summary and Description with your own words.
  • Choose Subversion as Version control system.
  • Choose New BCD license and Click on Create project.
Your project is created and it is now ready to host files for you. .

2. Now go to source section inside your project. Note The Username and password which will be shown like below.
3. Now you need some Svn client to upload files to your project and get url of each file. i prefer you to use Tortoise client which you can download from here TortoiseSVN and install it on your Pc.
  • Now Right click on your desktop and select Tortoise Svn > Repo browser,
  • It will ask for URL. Enter your project url in it.
  • Right click inside Trunk Folder and select Add File.
  • It will ask For your Projects username and password so Enter it and upload your File.
  • After uploading a File,click on it and you will get its url on the URL section of Tortoise client.
Now you got the URL of your individual file. You can use it wherever you want it.

          You can maintain many number of files inside a single project and it will be Secure. .

Set your Search Preferences | SEO by Blogger

By Ayman H → Monday, March 6, 2017
Very fabulous time for blogger users starts today. Blogger introduced a new and fantastic feature for blogger users today, That is to set your search engine preferences manually with an extremely easy customization. I was really impressed with this new feature by Blogger and i hope this new feature will definitely help every bloggers a lot. If you are wondering which feature is this?? then just step into your blogger dashboard and roll into settings tab of a particular blogger blog and there comes the storm feature with name SEARCH PREFERENCES. .

Customize Search Preferences option of Blogger

Lets start with the introduction and i hope you have scrolled into this new panel inside your blog settings and  viewing various new settings combined in search preferences tab.

search preference by blogger

Lets start with the topmost stream i.e, . .


This involves in customizing description meta tag for your Blogger blog, Click on Edit and Enable it and write a short description of your blog in it and save it.

Lets move with the second customization, i.e, . .


This involve two sub options, one is Custom Page Not Found and another is Custom Redirects.

  • Custom Page Not Found::
You may have seen 404 Page Not Found message when you search for an invalid link in web, This option by blogger helps you to have a custom message of your own apart from default 404 Page Not Found Message when a visitor enters an invalid/unavailable/dead link of your Blogger Blog.

Click on edit and add a custom word of your own and save it. Post an invalid/unavailable link on your blog and view it by yourself, you will notice your custom words displayed apart from 404 error.

  • Custom Redirects:-
As you all know, redirection is nothing but redirecting your old blog to new blog address and i have already explained it in brief in my older post
So the conclusion here is You can easily create new redirections using this feature. .

Now The Final customization category is. .


This is usually recommended for webmasters and not kindly recommended for starter bloggers because the wrong customization in this category can lead search engines to not crawl or index your blog at all. This Category includes two sub categories. .

  • Custom Robots.Txt:-
The concept of this category is, it includes manual creation of robots.txt file for instructing search engines to crawl / not crawl particular categories of your blog. If you are aware of Robots.txt file, then i hope you have understood that you can create manual robots.txt file using this feature.

  • Custom Robots Header Tags:- 
This can be used to instruct whether your HOMEPAGE, ARCHIVE AND SEARCH PAGES, DEFAULT FOR POSTS AND PAGES are to be indexed or not by search engines??

It is recommended that, you should select Noindex for your Archive and search pages category to avoid duplicate content penalty by Google.
  • NOTE:- Now you can add alt tag,title tag for an image on your blog easily by clicking on image > properties in post editing mode of blogger. You can even add nofollow attribute to any link on your post by using particular link property in post editing mode of blogger.

Hope You Are Updated With This New Feature of  Blogger. .Blogger Helped Us All With This Easy Customizations. .

Audi Coupe restomod by Carbon Motors

By Ayman H → Friday, October 21, 2016
With this post I’d like to bring to your attention Carbon Motors’ latest project. The project is a custom interior for Audi B2 Coupe. Restomods are increasingly becoming a matter of fashion. This project demonstrates that minor adjustments to the original style provides a fresher and more desirable look.

With the links below you can find info on:
-          With this link you can view the project video
-          The photos are links to the photo gallery and video
-          Link for downloading photos in high resolution
We hope that this project would positive emotions for you. We hope to be useful for your personal car upgrades!

How to Do Social Media Marketing

By Ayman H → Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Social media marketing has become one of the best medium of marketing for digital products these days. People hardly go for heavy cost billboard or TV Commercial. The biggest reason may be because through social media you can reach huge audience even across the globe which quite impossible or will be very costly if done so to do by billboard and Television commercial. Before you post anything on social media, rethink what you are going to write and write it as shortly as you can but make sure it implies what you want to say.

You already know Facebook has over 1.6 billion users and considered to be one of the best way of digital marketing. Though there are some restrictions on advertising by the Facebook like you cannot put more than 20% text in an advertising image and so on, still it’s quite convenient. You can choose your target audience by setting gender, location and even age group! There is no doubt Facebook advertising is a great way but still there are few alternatives which can be quite useful. For example, you can often arrange some competition on your Facebook page/group. You can write a post and mention that share this post, like our page and we will pick few winners. What will be the result? You will get lots of likes as well as there will be a good publicity. If you keep this up once in a week or a month then defiantly you can get lots of visitors for your page. I am not saying all these people are customers but once you will have lots of followers/visitors on your page defiantly some of them could be customers. Also, I believe that a customer will prefer a page with more followers than less. So, what you can do is you can attract people who are related to your business. For example, if you own a graphic designing firm then instead of create just a sharing contest you can create a graphic designing contest. In this way lots of graphic designers can take part and create some good stuff which will not only attract some designers but also some design hunters. Once your page/group is popular you can start posting your products but don’t just bore them by posting your products all the time. Instead, post some fun stuff/fact or important links, some news or anything that will not make your page just about business. Keep something for everyone!

In twitter, you can do the same. Post your products but also post some other stuff too. Make sure you visit your followers and retwitte some of their posts as well and they might do the same for you as well. Post with images and videos rather than just with texts. They are really powerful!

Do you use Pinterest? It’s really a great way to showcase your goods. Create board and fill it up with your product. Wait! Don’t just keep your products. Pin others work as well. Actually that’s how it works. You should add lots of pinners and you can create separate boards. Keep one for you and then keep the others for your followers and do share their ones on those boards. I am sure they would love to pin your products in exchange.

I have recently learned about deviantArt and it seems pretty cool! Especially the deviant prints part where you can share your design and people can purchase it directly. Use the submit art option and submit your designs. Do visit others and comment/like their creations and wait for their feedback on your designs.

If you have a website then it’s a plus point. Keep a blog section there and make sure you have something important for the visitors like information or tips that can be helpful for them. It’s always better to write something useful and then use link your product with that information rather than just directly mentioning your product. There is no better way to showcase your products by having your own website. As its all yours, no restrictions so create a portfolio of your products and update them regularly. You should use AdSense only when your site is popular. As long as your website is popular and contain useful information, visitors wouldn’t mind to see some advertise.

Take a look at this website for example

Finally, you should really create slides and upload it on slideshare and video on YouTube. These too are more powerful than you know. You certainly have idea about the popularity of YouTube. Upload videos on your product, include quality and useful tips, how to use them, show some tutorial and see the result!

I must mention google plus is a fantastic way to showcase your products. Make sure you find perfect community that is related to your products. Posting about your business in any popular community will not only cause you ban but also will be a waste of time. So, find some community related to your product and you think will be a good place for publicity. Make sure your read the community guideline and rules for posting. I am telling all these as I myself made the mistake and waste lots of time posting on the wrong place! For example, suppose you are a graphic designer who is selling graphical contents. So find a community that allows design promotion. You will find some group with huge members which might not allow self-promotions and only for tips sharing and discussion. So don’t share their. Find those community where it’s written than you can share your contents in the rules.

The more you share, chance are more to reach your audience. Using hashtag, proper name and tags are so powerful! I say all the time, sharing is not guaranteed sale. It just improve your google search result which is equally important. Don’t just try to sell your product via social media rather attract them in a way which will make them buy your product. So 2 things, share every day and share something valuable.

If you are looking for some unique and quality graphical content then have a look at my portfolio. OH yes, remember this, even when you just write a blog make sure you add pictures. As I have mentioned before Pinterest is really popular these days and you must have pictures in your content to add it on Pinterest.
Let me know about these premium graphical content I have. Suggestions are highly expected and please write and share your thoughts and tips in the comment section about his post.